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The Culver Lake Watershed, Sussex County, New Jersey

Tucked away in the northwest corner of New Jersey, bounded by the Kittatinny ridge and acting as the primary feeder to the Paulinskill River, a jewel of nature exists in the form of two natural lakes. About 18,000 years ago, both Lake Owassa and Culver Lake were created by the last glacier to impact northern New Jersey and may have been connected at one time. As the watershed environment transitioned from forests to farmland to housing developments, years of sediment and nutrient loading very gradually affected the water quality and the lakes’ biology. This process is called eutrophication and can adversely affect water in the lakes and also in the Culver Brook, Paulinskill and Delaware Rivers.

About the Foundation

According to the North American Lakes Management Association (NALMS), “A lake is a reflection of its watershed.” The Greater Culver Lake Watershed Conservation Foundation (GCLWCF) was formed to help protect the water of Culver Lake as well as that of other lakes, streams and rivers found in its watershed. The best way to reverse eutrophication is through education, awareness, good land use practices, and, when appropriate, the use of technology.

Founded in early 2017, GCLWCF is a tax exempt public charity under IRS 501(c)(3). It is completely independent of the Normanoch Association of Culver Lake although the Normanoch Association supports the Foundation in its mission and goals.

GCLWCF is a community based volunteer public charity with no compensation to officers. Please contact us at info@gclwcf.org if you would like more information of who we are.

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