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  • Explore the benefits of Rain Gardens and help maintain our demonstration project.
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  • Help us with event planning, or partnership and development.
  • Join our Board.
  • Help create educational laboratories and learning projects.

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LEARN more about the environment in the Greater Culver Lake Watershed. Start here for resources and educational opportunities.


  • The Culver Lake Watershed covers 4,000 acres in Sussex County, NJ.
  • The Greater Culver Lake Watershed, which includes Bear Swamp, Lake Owassa and Culver Lake, is headwaters of the Paulinskill River Watershed, an important tributary of the Delaware River.
  • Culver Brook receives 6 million gallons per day from the Culver Lake Watershed. Co-mingled Owassa and Culver waters flow through the outflow at Culver Lake into Culver Brook.
  • The Culver Lake Watershed is home to 5.5 miles of the Appalachian Trail.
  • A goal of restoring water clarity to the 1950’s level, when Culver Lake was first monitored, can be met by diligent attention to watershed management, education and voluntary effort.
  • It takes 2.47 years to replace all the water in Culver Lake.
  • Culver and Owassa Lakes and the surrounding watershed fall into the protected Delaware Basin.


The Greater Culver Lake Watershed Conservation Foundation (GCLWCF) relies solely on private tax-deductible donations from individuals, families, businesses and foundations to fund its environmental advocacy programs.
Your generosity will ensure continuity of the water quality efforts not only at Culver Lake and Lake Owassa but also throughout the watershed area today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.


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Photo credits:
Chapel in snow by Steve Okeson; Rain Gardern Weeding by Wallkill River Watershed Management Group.