Environmental Advocacy is critical now as never before.

Despite a growing attention to conservation over the last half century, our small planet and our local way of life remains threatened from the many impacts of climate change. Each of us can make a difference in many ways.

Sussex County is fortunate to have a bounty of undeveloped land and beautiful natural resources. These treasures, with enlightened planning and some strategic interventions, are a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

We need your support to:

  • Harness state and local funds to create greenways and natural public spaces.
  • Support ordinances and legislation that addresses threats to our waterways and drinking water (the Foundation was successful in expanding driveway ordinances to include porous surfaces).
  • Fund ecologically-vital projects.
  • Educate and provide tools to local communities to embrace best practices like improving septic systems, creating rain gardens, and cutting out the use of harmful chemicals, especially phosphorous.

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Programs and Projects for Kids

These projects have been developed by the Wallkill River Management Group for students and families.

Middle School Stormwater Management Curriculum
Elementary and Middle School Curriculum
Middle School Curriculum Attachments
High School Stormwater Management Curriculum
High School Curriculum
High School Curriculum Attachments


Wallkill Watershed Management Group
Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension
Frankford Township
Normanoch Association


Every year near Earth Day, the GCLWC Foundation partners with Frankford Township to do clean-up around our lakes. Teams from Culver Lake and Lake Owassa fan out to clear trash from assigned sections of roadways so we start each summer season with less debris. Thank-you items are always available compliments of the township. We hope this activity encourages all residents and visitors to take their trash to the proper disposal sites.

This video explores several Earth Day projects and environmental concepts.


Contact your public officials with any open space or environmental concern.
If you want to help out, share your email below and we will alert you when community input is needed to support ordinances and/or funding initiatives.


The Greater Culver Lake Watershed Conservation Foundation (GCLWCF) relies solely on private tax-deductible donations from individuals, families, businesses and foundations to fund its environmental advocacy programs.
Your generosity will ensure continuity of the water quality efforts not only at Culver Lake and Lake Owassa but also throughout the watershed area today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.


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Photo credits:
Flying Blue Heron by Lee McQuillin; Teaching Slide Show by Wallkill River Watershed Management Group; Earth Day by Laurie Claeys.