In order to hunt on GCLWCF property where hunting is allowed, you must have an approved GCLWCF permit, valid New Jersey hunting permits, and liability insurance.

Liability insurance is available from a variety of sources including the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs.


Hunting is allowed during FALL BOW and SIX-DAY FIREARM (shotgun only, no muzzle loader) seasons only.

To hunt on the Culver Brook Preserve East, the Greater Culver Lake Watershed Conservation Foundation (GCLWCF), requires that our Hunting Permit Application be completed and submitted at least one month in advance of intended dates of hunting on the Preserve East, including copies of all required Hunting Licenses, and proof of liability insurance. Your approval notice must be carried along with other documents when on the Culver Brook Preserve East property.

State law requires that you adhere to the regulations of the Department of Environmental Protection regarding season dates, allowable hunting methods, and antlered and antlerless deer limits. Culver Brook Preserve East is located in Deer Management Zone 1. For detailed regulations click here.

  • Follow legal hunting hours: a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset. 
  • All deer harvested must be reported using Fish and Wildlife’s Automated Harvest Report System at (855)448-6865 or Harvest Report. Hunters will be assigned a Confirmation Number which must be kept with the deer and its parts.
  • No hunting on Sundays.
  • Trapping is not permitted on any Foundation property.
Hunting Permit Application