The guidelines for public use are created for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. We ask all users to follow the guidelines below:

Please DO:

  • Stay within posted property boundaries.
  • Be considerate of other Preserve visitors and of adjoining property owners.
  • Keep pets leashed at all times and clean up after them (see Pooch Policy below).
  • Carry out all trash.
  • Stay on marked trails where available.
  • Take precautions and check for ticks after spending time outdoors. Deer ticks, which can transmit Lyme and other diseases, are a growing problem in this area.

Please DON’T:

  • Use motorized vehicles except as authorized under the ADA.
  • Remove or destroy wildlife or artifacts.

  • Injure or remove plants or trees.
  • Feed wildlife.
  • Barbeque or make campfires.
  • Smoke, or consume alcohol.

  • Ride horses.
  • Trap or hunt (except with a permit where allowed on Culver Brook Preserve East).

  • Dump or litter (carry in, carry out).
  • Play radios or other sound-transmitting devices.
  • Use drones.

Pooch Policy

Dogs are welcome at the Culver Brook Preserve and Culver Brook Preserve East. Dogs must be leashed at all times (6 ft. maximum length leash) in accordance with New Jersey State law. Owners must clean up after their pets. Those who don’t respect these posted rules violate State ordinances that may result in fines and an animal’s impoundment. Please remind fellow dog owners about the importance of abiding by our policies.

Hunting Rules

Hunting is allowed on Culver Brook Preserve East in specific categories which include bow hunting and one limited shotgun season, primarily in the fall and early winter each year. Appropriate State-issued hunting permits are required along with the Preserve White Deer Hunting Permit Application submitted at least one month in advance of intended hunting dates to the Foundation. Each hunter will be provided with a Culver Brook Preserve Permit to be carried at all times when hunting on the property during the appropriate season. For more information on hunting visit our page about Hunting at Culver Brook Preserves

We hope you enjoy your time at the Culver Brook Preserve and continue to support our efforts to conserve open spaces for the community.